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Custom Aquarium Services

125 Gallon Custom Installation in Progress



Have you always dreamed of having a beautiful aquarium? From the tank itself to the stand, pumps, filtration, lighting, aquascaping, organisms, and anything else you may need - Dan can bring your vision to life.




Dan can save you trips to the store by delivering all the supplies you need: reverse-osmosis water, salt, fish, corals, snails, crabs, live rock, plants, rocks, sand, food, supplements, etc.


Tank Moves


Moving an aquarium from one home to another - or even one room to another - can be a daunting task. Dan has local professionals on call to assist him with tank moves, breakdown, setup, and special projects of all kinds.




Cleaning, equipment upkeep, water changes/top-off, supplement control - anything your aquarium needs.  We schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service based on your unique setup and budget. Professional, reliable and insured.


Emergency Service


Aquariums have many variables involved in keeping them running optimally. If you notice something is not working properly, Dan is available to his clients day and night for phone consultation and emergency visits.




Sometimes you just need an expert to point you in the right direction. Dan offers education and training on an as-needed basis if you would like to learn how to maintain your own aquarium more effectively.

Types of Aquariums Serviced

Saltwater Reef 


Consisting of living coral reefs, these colorful, tropical tanks are bursting with life. Live corals, fish, and a multitude of creatures inhabit the reef tank, creating a dynamic ecosystem.




From lush, green, live planted aquariums to African cichlid tanks and community tanks, there are many possibilities for those wishing to keep a beautiful freshwater aquarium.




Aquaponics is the organic practice of raising fish and vegetables together in harmony for food. The fish waste provides nutrients to the plants, while the plant roots purify the water, in a continuous cycle.

Saltwater FOWLR


This means Fish Only With Live Rock. FOWLR tanks can host a wide variety of tropical fish, eels and other marine organisms that are a delight to watch.




Decorative ponds add a quiet retreat to your home's landscape. Keep koi and goldfish along with water lilies and many other aquatic vegetation in a serene setting, outdoors or in.


Exotic Aquariums


Speciality aquariums such as predator tanks, jellyfish, seahorses, coldwater tanks with species native to Florida - no request is too big or too unusual.

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