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Aquariums Maintained by Little Oceans

Saltwater Reef

While Dan has expertise with all types of aquariums, reef tanks are the type he chooses to keep in his own home. His clients enjoy the colorful variety of corals, clams, anemones, sea stars, worms and other organisms that inhabit a reef aquarium along with fish. Live corals sway in the current, adding movement and depth. Not all fish are compatible with corals, and Dan will guide you in choosing the correct species for this environment.

Saltwater FOWLR

Fish Only with Live Rock aquariums can host a wide variety of fish and are perfect for people who enjoy watching the fish swim, and getting to know their individual personalities. Live rock aquascaping provides plenty of natural caves and hiding places, creating an an ocean-like ecosystem that the fish, eels, and other marine creatures enjoy. Dan can help you choose the right animals for your fish tank, and keep them healthy and thriving with regular maintenance.


Freshwater aquariums often feature lush, green plants, driftwood and other natural elements that add to the beauty of the schooling fish that inhabit them. These fish tanks are like little lakes or streams, rather than oceans, and are usually the first choice of people who set up and maintain their own aquariums. However, it often takes an expert's touch to keep them thriving, healthy and stable. Large or small, a freshwater tank will add beauty to the home or office.

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