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Little Oceans Aquarium Specialists provides the finest quality, custom aquarium design, installation and maintenance to homes and businesses in Pinellas County, Florida. Whether you are looking for someone to create a brand-new freshwater or saltwater aquarium, or simply need an expert to provide reliable cleaning and care for your existing fish tank, call today for a free estimate. 

The health and stability of your aquarium relies on direct communication with your service provider. Would you rather have an employee care for your aquarium, or the owner of the company? A technician paid by the hour will not have the same vested interest in the vitality of your aquarium as the business owner.


Dan Calvo, Marine Biologist / Aquarist, owns and operates Little Oceans. He takes pride in developing relationships with his clients and in providing responsive, knowlegeable service around the clock. His passion is keeping aquariums, and he worked professionally in the industry for more than 15 years before starting his own business. Dan has vast expertise in maintaining saltwater and freshwater aquariums, as well as ponds, aquaponic systems, and more. Little Oceans is dedicated to the sustainability of the aquarium hobby, using aquacultured and maricultured organisms whenever possible.


Dan works closely with his clients to custom-design a maintenance program that fits their individual desires and budget. He can help you create a stunning "little ocean" in your home or office, too. 



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